A Dog’s Diary #2

“hi guys! it’s me, {h}ernie!

IMG_1408mom says I’m still a puppy but she’s wrong because I’m all grown up now. look, i have whiskers!

also, I really love walks.  specially our saturday walks. mom and dad always tease me on saturdays. it looks like we are on the way to the park but then they stop to get something to drink at their favourite coffee shop. last weekend, mom got something called a {croissant} but was too slow at eating it so i helped myself and took it right out of her hand. she screeched but im certain that it was with joy!

oh and then we go for nice long walk along the paths of high park. my favourite thing about the park are running, dogs and squirrels. i love getting chased by them!

this past week i was able to get mom’s work pants into my crate. she asked me how i did it but a magician never spills his secrets! anyways, they were so soft and cuddly that i couldn’t help myself and just ate them. not only was she very upset but my stomach also got very mad at me. they both are still getting over it.

i also have discovered howling. have you ever tried it? it’s fascinating so i test it out anytime i hear a sound out in the hallway. last night i tried it at 3 am but i don’t think mom and dad were too impressed…humans

anyways, i love christmas time. i get to hang out under the christmas tree and munch on the popcorn and cranberry garland.

speaking of which, i’m hungry again so i gotta go.



A Dog’s Diary #2

Ernie’s Dog Diary

“hi friends!

Dog Diary by Ernie via Blushed Tapatia

Dog Diary by Ernie via Blushed Tapatia {caught wearing mom’s underwear}

my name is hernie with a silent h. i was born not so long ago and the process was so distressful that i developed a hernia. mom and dad had a difficult time on choosing a name for me – i fear the day they have a human child- but thankfully, for them, my hernia served as creative fuel and inspired them to come up with my name.

any who, i’m a german short haired pointer and was rescued from somewhere up north by mom and dad. i now share my home with another little lady -her name is Talulah. she says she’s full grown but she is so teeny tiny that sometimes i confuse her with one of my toys. don’t worry though she’s fierce and won’t let me forget it.

i also love taking naps by the heater, exploring, eating and playing dress up -i dig my way through the hamper and find some of my favourite outfits! mom doesn’t seem to like my games too much but in the end i can always get her to crack a smile.


Dog Diary by Ernie via Blushed Tapatia

Ernie’s Dog Diary