Christmas Couture

Christmas Couture via Blushed TapatiaI am a big lover of food as seen here and here so it comes without say that Christmas dinner is the be-all and end-all of food fests. Although it would be most comfortable to just wear sweatpants and a nice baggy sweatshirt, Christmas is a very important day in our family and merits respect and nice clothing. After many years of beautiful outfits but uncomfortable evenings I have realized that the perfect balance for a Christmas outfit is in a stretchy (and forgiving) waistline, a slouchy top and some glitzy accessories.

1. Club Monaco’s flattering skirt will create a lovely silhouette will giving you room to breather (and eat!)

2. This jeweled sequins sweatshirt is an answer to all past Christmas woes -It’s dazzling enough for Christmas dinner and incredible comfortable

3. What better way to draw the attention away from your waistline than with Kate Spades lovely flats

4.Since the top of this outfit is such a focus piece, look for small and feminine earrings to add some sparkle without becoming over-the-top

5.A gorgeous statement cuff like this one will be the only thing people notice when you reach in for seconds and thirds!

Hope this helps you decide what you will be wearing to your dinner tomorrow night! Merry Christmas! xo

Christmas Couture

But really, what is business casual?

business casual outfitTo be business casual or not to be? Now THAT is the question. The majority of workplaces use that generic term as a way to describe their dress code but we all know that everyone has a different understanding of exactly what that term entails.  The day before my first day at a real out-of-university job, I spent countless hours trying to figure out what is considered business casual only to find myself more confused than when I started. After being in the business world for almost a year and on certain occasions appearing too over-dressed or  too under-dressed I have found what I believe to be the essentials for a perfectly balanced business casual wardrobe. The key is combining polished classic pieces {keeps things business} with modern pops of colour {prevents from looking serious and stuffy}. Over the next few weeks I will feature these essentials in different outfits that will showcase how business casual is the perfect balance between professional and fun.

One of my go-to outfits is composed of the following essentials:

1. A fitted blouse in a basic colour
2. A bright pencil skirt – don’t be afraid to branch out of the classic black one
3. Statement jewelry – It adds a touch of creativity and is a perfect way of showcasing your personality {this one from J.Crew is currently on sale}
4. A work appropriate heel with a modern twist – currently obsessed with this leather strap one from Zara
5. Cute as a Button by Essie is a great shade of coral that is business friendly. {remember keep your nails short & fresh – no chips!}

But really, what is business casual?

A Splash of Shimmer

I have always, and probably will always, have a fascination(which borders on obsession) with jewelry. Dainty, chunky, costume or classic, you name it, I’ve coveted it. I like to think that my obsession has a logic behind it. You see, jewelry is not just a fun way to accessorize but also a smart and easy way to transform any outfit. I have key go-to outfits for work that, if it wasn’t for my lively jewelry, would look boring or overdone. It is also a fast way to turn a “running-around-town-doing-errands” outfit into a “cocktail-with-friends-night-out” outfit.  Tom Binns and Kate Spade are my current jewelry guru’s but since my budget is not as luxurious as to afford Binns’ stunning creations, sometimes I find Forever 21 and H&M can do the trick!


{Zara Jean Jacket, J. Crew Cardigan, Forever 21 neckalace (similar here), Essie’s Mod Square}

However, if your birthday or anniversary is coming up or if you just want to treat yourself because, well let’s be honest, you deserve it (you do!) then these pieces below would be a fantastic and fun way to splurge.


{Left: Tom Binns Soft Power Flower Bib Necklace Right: Kate Spade’s Hot Chip Statement Necklace}

A Splash of Shimmer