British Fever

I’ve never been too focused or obsessed with the British Royalty like many people my age appear to be (although I must admit that I have had a crush on Prince William since I was six and I now have a girl crush on his wife!).

The British fever, however, has recently struck me in the way of Downton Abbey.

If you have not seen the show- you must! Really, even if you dislike period pieces…. trust me on this one.

This show beautifully unfolds the story of a British aristocratic family the Crawley’s. It begins with an issue regarding the future heir of the stunning estate of Downton and as the story develops and the characters come alive, we see their entertaining and real reactions to historical events. The aristocratic feel is softly juxtaposed with the life of the downstairs help. A wonderful butler, a hilarious cook, beautiful hand maidens, whose stories will have you laughing, crying, and yelling and/or throwing things at the TV.

Below you will find some of the best moments of the show according to moi; hopefully they will infect you with the same British fever I’ve been suffering of lately.

1. Maggie Smith as Granny.

mm-da-MaggieSdesk_tx7001Okay , so it’s not a particular moment but she is fantastic! She despises change and anything that comes along with it- electricity, work, week-ends- you name it! She has a witty and wonderful response for everything! She’s every bit old-fashioned but endearing.

2.Lady Sybil and her early feminist wayssybil

She is lobbying for female suffrage and begins wearing pants- you need to see Granny’s reaction to that!

3. Matthew & Lady Mary.

 Mary & Matthew | Wedding Day 

But specifically Lady Mary’s grace and class. Her strong willed personality is the perfect amalgamation of any one of Jane Austen’s stubborn yet lovely female characters with the class of princess Kate. A wonderful combination!

4. The cook’s- Mrs. Patmore -fits of rage, her love affair and her accent.


So there you have it.

An intriguingly hillarious yet moving show that will have you speaking like a Brit in no time!

If you start watching it, let me know what you think!


P.S. If you become as obsessed as I am you will certainly enjoy these:

– The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook 

–Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey 

-and for you comic book lovers : Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Deconton Abbey: A Parody of Downton Abbey 

British Fever

Pick-me up

Today I needed a pick-me up.

You know those days, probably a little far too well.

After a rough day at work and a miscommunication with some friends, I figured the perfect way to cheer myself up was to try a new recipe. I love Joy the Baker and was ready to tackle this recipe today and show off the delicious results at my in-laws Easter celebration tomorrow. Unfortunately my brand-new cake pan happened to have a leak (I had no clue those things could leak!) that went  undiscovered until a ridiculous cloud of smoke quickly overtook my kitchen and threatened to smoke us out.  In an anxious fury I rushed to the car to go buy a new pan only to end up as a heaving sobbing mess in the Starbucks drive-thru. One green tea latte later, here I am.

Searching for a pick-me up. Preferably one that cannot easily burn or smoke or leak.

I opted for soft pink tulips, my favourite candle and a book.

photo (7)
{Vouluspa eden & pear, pink tulips, green tea latte}

I don’t like feeling defeated and much less accepting defeat but sometimes we just have to know when to sit down and have a me-night or else we will end up scaring off the baristas at Starbucks.

I’m interested to know- what are some of your pick-me ups?

(P.S. my favourite candle right now is Volupsas Eden & Pear and I’m currently reading The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.)

Pick-me up