Friday Favourites

Bobbi Brown {My current go-to bronzer: Bobbi Brown’s Golden Light}

This week I got my billionth cold of this season {my immune system seems to have gone away for the winter} so although it was a relatively normal week everything kind of blurred into one big long day and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that today is, in fact, Friday. This weekend we have our annual Oscar’s party and I am giddy with excitement {I’m going to call it early and predict that the award for Best Actor will go to Matthew McConaughey!}. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Talulah {It might be a little out of season but I found this little elf sweater and Talulah is rocking it like nobody’s business}

 {I was recently introduced to The Sloane Tea Company and I am beyond obsessed.The price tag seems a little excessive until you have your first sip.}

afterlight(104) {Lovely green mums to remind me of warmer days}

afterlight(103) {Sweet box of truffles from The Chocolateria}

Friday Favourites

The Perfect Nude Lip

marc jacobs severine

Although I am a lover of all things bright I find it takes a lot in me to add some pop to my lip. I have to not only be in the mood for bright lipstick but also be willing to take a break from my regular make-up routine. I still, however, covet the sharp and polished look that a well-applied lipstick can create. The solution – nude lipstick.

Nude tones are just about everywhere so during my search for the perfect nude lip I was shocked to learn that the majority of nude lipsticks out there are just not right.  Some shades made me look like I simply applied concealer causing my lips to disappear while others were too matted or too sticky. Just as I was about to throw my hands up in the air and call it quits Marc Jacobs dropped his new cosmetic line – Marc Jacobs Beauty. The colours available in his Lovemarc-LipGel are beautiful and the texture is glossy without being sticky – sheer perfection, but really, what else could we expect from Jacobs? Severine 112 is the perfect nude tone and when I found it it took everything in me to prevent a victory dance party from happening in the middle of Sephora. Needless to say, it has been incorporated into my every day look.

To top it all off, the body of the lipstick is magnetic so the lid securely fastens & will not fall off and create a mess in your purse {or does that only happen to me?}. It also has been great at attracting all the lose bobby pins in my purse making it incredibly easy for touch ups.

The Perfect Nude Lip