Pampered by Pantene

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This past weekend I was invited by a friend to “get our hair done”. I did not ask for any more information, as I do not know a more relaxing way to begin a weekend than by getting your hair styled by a professional. I was expecting some sort of small event at a hair salon but was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to a spa-like pop-up shop set up by Pantene. While we waited and browsed through the different products on their new line, we were treated with coffee and a nail and candy bar. They then took the time to really figure out which one of Pantene’s new products would be best for our hair.  Since I have been playing around with my hair in the last few months I opted for their colour treated option and I must admit, I am quite the fan!

I also {finally!} learned how to curl my hair using a hair straightener. I know I am about 5 years too late and in all honesty I have tried and failed more times than I care to admit. The hairstylist that was working on my hair was incredibly friendly and as he was working his way through my ridiculous full head of hair, curling with the ease of a professional, I opened up to him and told him about the many embarrassing attempts that I have made to curl my hair with anything but a curling iron. Taking pity on me, he explained the technique in a language that I actually understood.

Amazing hairstylist: “Are you crafty?”

Me: “I like to think so…”

Amazing hairstylist: “Have you ever curled a ribbon with scissors?”

Me:….{mind blown & mouth literally gaping in awe}…..”Seriously?! That’s it?!”

Amazing hairstylist: “Yup”

So the next morning I imaged my hair being ribbon and my curling iron being scissors and I am incredibly proud to say that it worked!

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{The before and after shot – Oh, by the way, I chopped my hair about two weeks ago}

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It was such a fun event. Thank you Pantene!

Pampered by Pantene

Day of Love & Friendship.

You're Hot

One of the many “traditions” that I absolutely adore and will hold on to for as long as I can is the Mexican perspective of Valentine’s Day. Although the direct translation of the word is San Valentin, we refer to this day as el dia del amor y la amistad – the day of love and friendship and on this day we celebrate exactly that. It is not a day celebrated only by people that are in romantic relationships, it is rather a day to celebrate the love that we have for others and that others have for us {whether it comes from a lover, a parent, a friend or a relative}. I am a big fan of Valentine’s day – partly because of all the pink but mostly because I am a firm believer in the importance of celebrating love in all its forms.

I believe that by focusing only  on the romantic side of Valentine’s we are doing a great dishonor to the holiday {and yes I consider this a holiday}. Although I am very grateful for having Mike in my life and truly enjoy celebrating our love, there are also other people who have showered me with tremendous love and have had a huge impact in my life and that should also be celebrated!  I, for once, do not believe that the word “love” can be over used but I also don’t think that we use it nearly enough. So with that, tell someone today that you love them. Have a happy love day friends and remember…

Day of Love & Friendship.

Have a cuppa tea, friend

Valentine's Day gift for a friend

I am one of those bizarre people who absolutely loves school and went through serious withdrawal after graduating from University. Although I have {kind of} learned to cope with the fact that my school days are done, every now and then I let myself indulge in some of the things that take me right back to those nostalgic days, one of those being Valentine’s Day. I truly miss those elementary school days where as a class we would make handmade cards for everyone, drop them off in little handmade mailboxes scattered around the classroom and study each one of them trying to decode non-existing love messages {or was that just me?}.

Although those days are long gone I like the idea that was stilled in me at a very young age of spreading the love around on this special day. Though there are no more handmade mailboxes I still get a thrill from giving close friends and co-workers a “sweet-thought” gift; a gift that doesn’t cost much but it’s thoughtful enough to make them smile. I was in the midst of thinking what this year’s gift would be when I stumbled upon David’s Tea tea-filled greeting card.  It’s cute, affordable, and enjoyable so if you are nostalgic like me and have been looking for that sweet little gift- look no further!

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Have a cuppa tea, friend