Friday Favourites

Blushed Tapatia: Ernie Boy

{Playing fetch with this crazy goof & teaching him to swim}

While I was on vacation I spent the entire week completely unplugged {I literally didn’t even touch my phone for a whole week, which for me, was a record} and as much as I hate to admit it, it wasn’t due to my own free will but rather due to circumstances {no free WiFi!} . After my initial panic attack I decided to embrace it and surprisingly enough I kind of loved it! I came back feeling so refreshed and worry-free that I decided to make an effort and become more unplugged in my day-to-day life. I’m not saying I’m quitting cold-turkey but I am starting with simple things like no phone or iPad {unless it’s for reading a book} for 1 hour before going to bed. For some of you this might not seem like a great feat but for me, who could be perfectly described by this hilarious print, it’s a big deal!  Hope you all have a restful and {perhaps, if you want a lovely challenge} unplugged weekend!

Alebrije - Mexican Folk Art Sculpture

{Brought this little Alebrije home with us from Mexico}

afterlight (2)

{Shameless selfies during a walk through High Park}

Mexican Wool Blanket

{We had  been in search for a beautiful wool blanket and fell in love with this one… it’s also Talulah approved!}

Mexican embroidery

{I couldn’t come back from Mexico without some more embroidered pieces….I am obsessed!}


Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

Bobbi Brown {My current go-to bronzer: Bobbi Brown’s Golden Light}

This week I got my billionth cold of this season {my immune system seems to have gone away for the winter} so although it was a relatively normal week everything kind of blurred into one big long day and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that today is, in fact, Friday. This weekend we have our annual Oscar’s party and I am giddy with excitement {I’m going to call it early and predict that the award for Best Actor will go to Matthew McConaughey!}. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Talulah {It might be a little out of season but I found this little elf sweater and Talulah is rocking it like nobody’s business}

 {I was recently introduced to The Sloane Tea Company and I am beyond obsessed.The price tag seems a little excessive until you have your first sip.}

afterlight(104) {Lovely green mums to remind me of warmer days}

afterlight(103) {Sweet box of truffles from The Chocolateria}

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

German pointer via Blushed Tapatia{This crazy dog keeps us so entertained. He hates cold weather as much as I do but has the energy of a 5 year old on a caffeine kick. One of his favourite things to do right now is to let his head hang upside down. He does it constantly and it makes me laugh every.single.time}

The end of January is here and although I know that there are still a few months left of winter, I am happy that we are at least one month closer to warmer days ( anyone else miss wearing their jean jackets?!). This week I have been trying to stay positive, regardless of the weather. It’s not always an easy thing to do but I find that doing this series really helps out- it gives me the opportunity to look back at my week and truly appreciate the small moments that brought me joy.

I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend full of friends, food and football!

afterlight (76)    afterlight (77)    {I finally caved and got this Shu Uemura eyelash curler and I am pleasantly surprised. I really did not know that my eyelashes could be so curly – I am obsessed}

afterlight (78){There is nothing like homemade apple cinnamon pancakes and a warm cup of coffee to start the day}

afterlight (74){Most mornings Talulah wakes up with me and prances around my feet while I get ready for work but lately it has been so cold in our apartment that she just stays in bed (and I can’t blame her). I recently discovered, however, that she peeks out that little nose of hers from under the covers and follows me around the room. It reminds me of this moment}

Friday Favourites