Friday Favourites

Blushed Tapatia: Ernie Boy

{Playing fetch with this crazy goof & teaching him to swim}

While I was on vacation I spent the entire week completely unplugged {I literally didn’t even touch my phone for a whole week, which for me, was a record} and as much as I hate to admit it, it wasn’t due to my own free will but rather due to circumstances {no free WiFi!} . After my initial panic attack I decided to embrace it and surprisingly enough I kind of loved it! I came back feeling so refreshed and worry-free that I decided to make an effort and become more unplugged in my day-to-day life. I’m not saying I’m quitting cold-turkey but I am starting with simple things like no phone or iPad {unless it’s for reading a book} for 1 hour before going to bed. For some of you this might not seem like a great feat but for me, who could be perfectly described by this hilarious print, it’s a big deal!  Hope you all have a restful and {perhaps, if you want a lovely challenge} unplugged weekend!

Alebrije - Mexican Folk Art Sculpture

{Brought this little Alebrije home with us from Mexico}

afterlight (2)

{Shameless selfies during a walk through High Park}

Mexican Wool Blanket

{We had  been in search for a beautiful wool blanket and fell in love with this one… it’s also Talulah approved!}

Mexican embroidery

{I couldn’t come back from Mexico without some more embroidered pieces….I am obsessed!}


Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

Bobbi Brown {My current go-to bronzer: Bobbi Brown’s Golden Light}

This week I got my billionth cold of this season {my immune system seems to have gone away for the winter} so although it was a relatively normal week everything kind of blurred into one big long day and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that today is, in fact, Friday. This weekend we have our annual Oscar’s party and I am giddy with excitement {I’m going to call it early and predict that the award for Best Actor will go to Matthew McConaughey!}. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Talulah {It might be a little out of season but I found this little elf sweater and Talulah is rocking it like nobody’s business}

 {I was recently introduced to The Sloane Tea Company and I am beyond obsessed.The price tag seems a little excessive until you have your first sip.}

afterlight(104) {Lovely green mums to remind me of warmer days}

afterlight(103) {Sweet box of truffles from The Chocolateria}

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

If you can’t beat {it}, join {it}. That is my current motto for winter since it has seriously been a ridiculous winter here. This Christmas I received my first real snow boots and although they have already come in quite handy, I am planning on really getting some juice out of them. As mentioned before, I have never been a fan of winter but I can’t keep being angry at the weather so this week I really have considered giving winter sports a try (I might be getting slightly brainwashed by the Winter Olympics craze). Regardless,I do need to start enjoying the snow and will try by participating in lovely snowy adventures such as making cool snowmen and if I get crazy enough maybe I’ll venture onto the hills and give snowboarding a try.

afterlight (82)

{Sorauren Park has become the epitome of Winter Wonderland. It is a beautiful park to begin with but lately it has had cute and quirky snowman scattered throughout, families ice skating and dogs running around. They also have a year-around farmers market so it really just is the perfect little refuge in the bustling city}

afterlight (81) {Living right around the corner from Glory Hole Doughnuts has been an absolute highlight this week. They have the most creative doughnuts around and no matter the flavour, they do not disappoint! This week I tried their cherry filled doughnut and yes, it was as scrumptious as it looks}

afterlight (83) {His little sweater keeps him warm and happy and makes me smile – and also a little jealous. Does anyone know where I can find a human (female) version of this?}

Stay warm and have a snow-tastic weekend my friends!

Friday Favourites