Friday Favourites

Christmas in Toronto via Blushed Tapatia{Our neighborhood covered in a beautiful blanket of snow}

This week has been full of little joys and a thrilling excitement for the few days to come. With Christmas quickly approaching I find myself thinking of my family back in Mexico and my lovely sister in Denmark. It’s difficult to be away from her this time of the year but I know that she is very happy and loved and is slowly conquering the hearts and stomachs of every Dane with her delicious pastries. Last night my mom took me out for a Dinner and Show date, like we used to do when I was younger, and tonight Mike and I will be going to see The Nutcraker- two amazing nights, one after the other! Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy time with family and friends.

Cookie packaging via Blushed Tapatia{Cookie packaging for our annual cookie exchange}

Les Miserables via Blushed Tapatia {Amazing seats for Les Miserables}

Mom & daughter dates via Blushed Tapatia{Mom  & daughter dates}

Anthropologie planter via Blushed Tapatia{Our new gorgeous wall planter from Anthropologie}

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

Popcorn garland + Anthropologie ornaments via Blushed Tapatia{!!Oh Christmas Tree!! }

There are few things that give me instant warm-fuzzies and walking into our home to our lit Christmas tree and our decked hall{s} is definitely up on that list. Our Christmas tree has a cacophony of ornaments that range anywhere from a radish to a raccoon. The majority of them are from Anthropologie but there are a few specials ones that we have collected from our various trips. The popcorn garland {made every year by Mike} and the twinkling lights add the final touches to our eccentric but lovable tree. Our poor Ernie keeps wanting a taste of that garland but we will try and keep it on that tree for as long as we can!

With the apartment decked out, I’m extremely excited for the rest of the festivities to get going. We are hosting a Christmas party in a few weeks and tomorrow I am spending my morning baking Christmas goodies with one of my oldest and dearest friends. In case you haven’t caught-on, this is my favourite time of the year!

Burberry Glasses via Blushed Tapatia{Thanks to my new Burberry glasses I can now see while I drive!}

Cotton candy sunset via Blushed Tapatia{Cotton candy sunsets that take my breath away}

Friday Favourites