Quench your thirst!

Blushed Tapatia: Fruit Infused Water

Warm summer weather and patios call for deliciously refreshing drinks. Although I do love a crisp cocktail to cool off on a warm summer day, sometimes I really just need a drink that will quench my thirst. I have always been an avid water drinker {great for my health, terrible for teeny tiny bladder!} and this is a fun way to spruce up my go-to drink. The best thing about it is that you can truly get creative by mixing up new delicious pairings with each pitcher.

My favourite combinations right now are:

Blushed Tapatia: Fruit Infused Water

Blushed Tapatia: Fruit Infused Water

Blushed Tapatia: Fruit Infused Water


Blushed Tapatia: Fruit Infused Water

There really is no recipe but I do recommend that if you are using any sort of herb {mint, sage, basil, etc} you give it a quick little crush with your hands to release the flavours.

Try this this weekend for your summer party or BBQ or your R&R time- it is a quick and beautiful way to keep your guests {and yourself!} hydrated.


Here comes the sun!

Blushed Tapatia


{Zara blouse & pants on sale now, Nine West shoes, J.Crew Jewellery}


Although it has been 2 years since I graduated university, I still feel a tinge of what I think might be guilt but I am not quite certain, when summer rolls around. Throughout university I worked at camps and as a tour guide, which meant that I got to spend all of my summer outside, soaking up the sun. I am now working in an office, and although I love my job I do miss spending so much time outside so in an effort to bring a little sun into the office I am incorporating florals and bright colours to my outfits while keeping it office appropriate. Glass half full, right?!


Friday Favourites

Blushed Tapatia: Ernie Boy

{Playing fetch with this crazy goof & teaching him to swim}

While I was on vacation I spent the entire week completely unplugged {I literally didn’t even touch my phone for a whole week, which for me, was a record} and as much as I hate to admit it, it wasn’t due to my own free will but rather due to circumstances {no free WiFi!} . After my initial panic attack I decided to embrace it and surprisingly enough I kind of loved it! I came back feeling so refreshed and worry-free that I decided to make an effort and become more unplugged in my day-to-day life. I’m not saying I’m quitting cold-turkey but I am starting with simple things like no phone or iPad {unless it’s for reading a book} for 1 hour before going to bed. For some of you this might not seem like a great feat but for me, who could be perfectly described by this hilarious print, it’s a big deal!  Hope you all have a restful and {perhaps, if you want a lovely challenge} unplugged weekend!

Alebrije - Mexican Folk Art Sculpture

{Brought this little Alebrije home with us from Mexico}

afterlight (2)

{Shameless selfies during a walk through High Park}

Mexican Wool Blanket

{We had  been in search for a beautiful wool blanket and fell in love with this one… it’s also Talulah approved!}

Mexican embroidery

{I couldn’t come back from Mexico without some more embroidered pieces….I am obsessed!}


En el mar, la vida es más sabrosa!

When most people think of Cancun they think paradise or spring break and for good reason. However, when I think {or even hear} the word Cancun I am transported through a whirlpool of emotions and memories. For me, Cancun means home. My grandmother, her wonderful husband, my aunt and my cousin all live there so I spent all of my early summer months as a child in the sweltering heat of Cancun.

Blushed Tapatia: Cancun Childhood

{Apparently I was quite the sassy child}

Blushed Tapatia: Cancun Childhood

{As much as I truly hated having to wear matching outfits with my sister and even though I promised myself that I would never do that to my future children, I just might have to!}


Blushed Tapatia: Cancun Childhood

{Teaching my baby brother how to swim}

It was there that I learned how to swim and how to fish, where I worked through my awkward teen years, where I had my first crush and my first heartbreak and where I realized that I had fallen deeply and madly in love with the man that is now my husband.

Blushed Tapatia: Cancun Childhood

{Mike’s first visit to Cancun…. look at the colour of that water though! Takes my breath away every.single.time.}

I recently returned from spending a lovely week there with family {celebrating my mama and her wonderful husband!} and it was on the drive back to the airport on the final day that I realized just how much love I have for that place. Some people experience that sort of emotion for a house but for moi, a girl who hasn’t lived in a house longer than 5 years, Cancun is that place.

Hydration Obsession

Fresh face oil

When I first heard of face oils I cringed {is that not the exact opposite of what you want on your face?} and vowed never to use them. However, this winter desperation hit after suffering of an endless cold marathon that unfortunately claimed the skin around my nose as a victim. Not even the fanciest aloe-infused Kleenex were able to prevent that gross dry skin area around my nose so I caved and decided to give face oils a try {as you can see by the tiny bottle in the photo above, I was still not convinced so I opted for the safe test-size}. After exfoliating and cleansing, I applied this oil on my face and neck and although I looked like an oily mess for a few minutes, my parched skin quickly sucked it all up and my nose was back to its normal self! I now use it on a daily basis to fight the terribly dry winter skin and will soon have to go get the real-sized bottle.

I was told by a woman at Sephora that she actually uses the oil to hydrate her hair and hands as well. I have not given this a try but I am curious to know if you have and what you thought about it.


Friday Favourites

Bobbi Brown {My current go-to bronzer: Bobbi Brown’s Golden Light}

This week I got my billionth cold of this season {my immune system seems to have gone away for the winter} so although it was a relatively normal week everything kind of blurred into one big long day and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that today is, in fact, Friday. This weekend we have our annual Oscar’s party and I am giddy with excitement {I’m going to call it early and predict that the award for Best Actor will go to Matthew McConaughey!}. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Talulah {It might be a little out of season but I found this little elf sweater and Talulah is rocking it like nobody’s business}

 {I was recently introduced to The Sloane Tea Company and I am beyond obsessed.The price tag seems a little excessive until you have your first sip.}

afterlight(104) {Lovely green mums to remind me of warmer days}

afterlight(103) {Sweet box of truffles from The Chocolateria}

Spring is in the Air

Last weekend I smelt it in the air. That fresh smell that is so unmistakably a sign of the {hopefully quickly} approaching spring. And I was feeling good!

Michael and I took the dogs for a nice long walk through High Park and we noticed that even Talulah, the one who detest winter the most, had a little spring to her step {pun totally unintended :)}.

Spring brings light, flowers, jean jackets and fresh warmth. It reminds me of the excitement of finishing off a year at university and of weddings – in particular my own. It’s about renewal, refreshment and growth. And truthfully it helps me appreciate winter a little more, for without it, spring would not be.

spring wedding {A little throw back Thursday photo taken by the talented Blythe from Edmonds & Mckinlay Photography}

So with that, I am allowing myself to begin a spring countdown and since winter this year began way before the official start day I am crossing my fingers that spring is feeling as excited to come as winter was.

Only 20 more days!